Land Manager Partnerships

Is a Land Manager Partnership Right for me?

Revere designs nature restoration projects and generates revenues by selling ecosystem services. This creates new funding opportunities for land managers seeking to restore nature.

Revere is focused on bringing benefits to local land managers and communities through working collaboratively. Buying up land and developing it for nature is not part of our approach. 

We are seeking opportunities to work with different types of land managers, from smaller-scale farmers to larger estate owners. We work with land managers to explore ways they can benefit from new opportunities to manage land for nature with private finance as our agricultural subsidy system changes. 

To extend impact beyond land managers alone, we are also exploring different models to share the benefits of revenues and job creation opportunities with the wider community. If this is successful, we will look to replicate it across the UK.

How do I get Involved?

If you are interested in exploring a partnership with Revere, use the web form to tell us a bit about who you are, your land, and your vision for the future. 

Our team will be in touch over email with initial questions or to set up a call. If it’s a good fit, our team will conduct an initial project feasibility assessment based on information you provide and GIS mapping data. 

If the feasibility assessment looks promising, we will secure funding to build on this by developing a nature restoration plan and business case. 

If the business case demonstrates an opportunity for you to generate a competitive return and the restoration plan fits with your vision and delivers independently assessed high quality environmental outcomes, then with your agreement, the restoration activities will get underway. We will work with you to raise the capital needed to fund the restoration and secure contracts with buyers of ecosystem services. 

Once all those things are in place, we’ll help contract the restoration work and arrange for all ecosystem service outcomes to be independently audited and verified.

Step One

Initial feasibility assessment

Step Two

Nature restoration and business plan development

Step Three

Private capital raising and sale of ecosystem services

Step Four

Independent auditing and verification of ecosystem services

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