Who We Are

Revere is delivered through a partnership between Palladium and UK National Parks. Revere combines the National Parks’ ecological expertise with Palladium’s financial acumen to develop innovative solutions that work for nature, investors and communities. 

Palladium is a global positive impact company operating in over 90 countries. Palladium works with governments, businesses, and investors to solve the world’s most pressing challenges. Palladium is in the business of making the world a better place and believes that collaborative models and systemic approaches are the way to achieve progress and success. Revere is a core part of Palladium’s vision to restore and protect nature by catalysing private finance and creating new partnerships.

National Parks Partnerships LLP (NPP) devises and manages UK-level partnerships between the 15 UK National Parks and the private sector. The 15 National Park Authorities are the members of NPP, and NPP is managed by a Board that consists of both National Park and independent representatives. NPP was established in 2015 and has generated benefits for the National Parks through multi-year partnerships with companies including Columbia Sportswear; HarperCollins; Palladium; Forest Holidays and CLIF.

Our Vision

Revere’s vision is that private finance is deployed at an unprecedented scale to restore nature for the long-term and create livelihood opportunities for communities across the diverse working landscapes of the UK’s National Parks.

Investments in natural capital transform ecosystems into a healthy state and accelerate progress towards the UK’s net zero and biodiversity targets.

How Revere Works

Revere combines the expertise of Palladium and the National Parks to deliver nature restoration projects across the UK.

Designing Restoration Projects

Revere works with National Parks, ecologists, farmers, and land managers to design nature restoration models that can generate revenues, attract investment and create benefits for all stakeholders involved.

Raising Private Capital

Revere works with impact-driven investors to raise the funds to pre-finance nature restoration projects across the UK National Parks.

Selling Ecosystem Services

Revere works with companies looking to purchase high integrity UK generated carbon credits, water quality services, flood risk reduction services, and biodiversity outcomes.

Our Team

Meet Revere’s talented team of experts from across National Parks and Palladium.

Andrew Sutherland

Nature-Based Solutions Director

Emma Davies

Senior Partnerships Manager

Tom Gegg

Technical Lead

Naomi Conway

Development Director National Parks Partnership

Lisa Sensier

Senior Development Manager
National Parks Partnership

Adrian Barraclough

Strategic Advisor

Anna-Maria Fellman

Senior Contracts & Compliance Manager

David Wallis

Partnership Development Manager

Kaye Jemmeson

Communications and Knowledge Manager

Caitlin Stein

Management Lead

Aude Delmer

Project Development Manager

Summer Davies

Project Development Associate

Will Potter

Development Officer National Parks Partnership

Ashley Gillan

Project Development Associate

Poppy Rodriguez

Project Associate Palladium

Ross Powell

Partnerships Associate Palladium

William Hawes
Nature-based Solutions Lead

National Parks Partnership

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