4 August 2022

Achieving Net Zero – Make It Possible

Last month, Palladium joined forces with SEC Newgate to host an evening event to help companies find out more about how to achieve net zero targets with integrity.

Keen to learn how to make the critical changes needed to transform their businesses, guests had the opportunity to talk to each other and green business champions, including Jose Maria Ortiz, Palladium’s Managing Director, Impact Investing and Business Growth and Fermin Martinez de Hurtado Yela, Head of Sustainability and Responsible Banking at Santander UK.

The event also included a panel discussion about the unique opportunities that companies have to transform their businesses, which included Andrew Aide Head of Green and Good at SEC Newgate and Naomi Conway, Director of National Parks Partnerships, who discussed the benefits of Revere and its vision is to attract private finance at an unprecedented scale to restore nature in all of the UK’s 15 National Parks.

Emma Davies, Partnership Manager at Palladium, said: “It was great to see so many people come together to discuss how we can all work with each other to make a positive impact for nature. We know changes need to happen but as its a relatively new and ever-evolving field, not everyone knows what they can do. This event proved that companies are passionate and serious about achieving their net zero goals and this was a very valuable stepping stone in helping them get to where they need and want to be.”

Watch the video here…